No.1   Even if you can’t stand Facebook, or you have no idea what Instagram is all about, the reality is, your customers are all there, scrolling through pictures, videos, posts all looking for something to grab their attention. In June 2017, Facebook had 1.23 billion, yes BILLION daily active users! It’s estimated that half of the Australian population log into Facebook every day. This means that every day, there are opportunities to reach your potential customers, while they’re glued to their phone, or sneaking a peak at their news feed during their lunch break.

No.2   Your competitors are already there, engaging with all your customers, showing off their wares, winning them over, one delicious-looking hamburger post at a time. Smart businesses know they might not convert that person, that day, but by showing up regularly, they know they’ll be top of mind when a burger with the lot is today’s lunch order.

No.3   Having a social media page and then not nurturing it, is doing more harm than good. When someone stumbles across a Facebook page that hasn’t had recent, regular activity, they tend to wonder ‘Is that place any good? Is it actually still open?’ and choose the place with the active profile, where they know exactly what they’re going to get. Even worse, an inactive page, risks comments and reviews going unacknowledged or without sufficient engagement to either remind people of their good experience, or damage control a bad one.

No.4   You’re missing out on communicating with your ‘database’. Whether you’ve got 100, 1000 or 10000 followers (I wish!), it is effectively a list of people you have the opportunity to market to on a regular basis. In fact, they expect it! It’s generally recommended to post on Facebook every single day for the greatest reach, engagement and likes.

No.5   It’s easier for your customers, friends and followers to recommend your business, via Facebook, to someone else, when they can simply say, “yeah check out their Facebook page, how good does that cake/meal/view etc. look?!’ or even better still, they can simply like and share your posts, as well as tag their friends! It’s the easiest way to build a community of loyal followers, who do become customers, at a super low cost compared to almost any other marketing medium.

Statistics compiled by for June 2017. Stats and research provided by the Vivid Social – Social Media Agency. Figures correct as of 30/06/17.

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    Anita Moss is the founder of Simple Smart Social. She is a Gold Coast based, passionate local business supporter, who loves social media marketing. My goal is to support your business across its social platforms, building a brand and growing your bank balance. Anita is a valued friend of Engine Room Hub and is a regular contributor to our platform.