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The idea for Engine Room Hub has been formulating in my head for 3+ years. It came about from talking and listening to business owners on an almost daily basis.  Listening to stories about the challenges business owners face and the common issues impeding growth and holding back true reward for effort.  I spoke with people at events, online and via social media and ran focus groups to help formulate the platform that is Engine Room Hub.

I discovered that, even though there was no shortage of genuine entrepreneurship and hard-work, there are impediments to business growth outside of market forces.  Finding and retaining customers and access to affordable advice, support and encouragement being the main theme coming through over and over again.

Engine Room was shaped around the need for businesses to Get Noticed, Get Advice and to Be an Advisor.

Get Noticed

There is a common thread that binds businesses of all types and sizes together.  They all need exposure if they are to find paying customers but they need the cost of finding customers to be affordable and effective.  To make your business a success you need people to know who you, what you do and where to find you.  Exposure is key!

Engine Room Hub’s platform will both expose and promote your business, its products and services across Perth and the regions of WA. We do this by providing an online presence to those that don’t yet have one, by providing a customised URL to publish on your marketing material, by driving customers to your website and by promoting your business to other relevant WA businesses through our network and social media channels.

Get Advice

But what became clearer along the way was that, although there are common threads, there are actually two distinct but interdependent elements that make up a business community.

One is the business owner looking for business advice but not sure how to access it, or who from and what it might cost.  The other element is those businesses whose very existence is to provide business advice to those who need it.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that entrepreneurs who get good advice from the get-go have a much greater business success rate, make greater profits and are around longer.

Engine Room Hub provides good advice in easy to absorb bite-sized chunks, from its Business Advisors and other people who have ‘been there done that’.

Be an Advisor

By bringing these two crucial elements together on one platform we aim to make it easier for business owners to find the advice they need and easier for business advisors to demonstrate their capacity to deliver it.

By becoming an Engine Room Hub Advisor you position yourself as an expert in your field and further build on your own personal brand. We call this ‘bridging the advice gap’.

I love connecting businesses, I love to see them grow and thrive.  It has been great fun meeting with the many people behind the businesses whose stories and experiences have helped shape our platform.  I will be ever grateful for their encouragement and for giving me the momentum to develop Engine Room Hub.

It takes courage, conviction, determination and a certain amount of ‘crazy’ to establish a business – but hey, you already know that!

I am excited about Engine Room Hub and its members playing a big role in the ongoing development and promotion of a strong, vibrant and, most of all, resilient business community throughout WA.

Angie Mardon

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