A good doctor will examine you thoroughly…

🙄 “Does this hurt?”

😬 “What about this?”

😖 “And this?”

Effective marketing will do likewise.

But in business, 95% of us try to sell prematurely.

That’s like a doctor prescribing a course of treatment before knowing what’s wrong with the patient 🤨

Instead of trying to sell a product or service prematurely, good marketing will ‘poke the pain’ of prospective customers with the view of leading them to the ‘doctor’ for ‘treatment’.

✔️ Good LinkedIn profiles poke the pain

✔️ Good LinkedIn content pokes the pain

✔️ Comments on others’ LinkedIn posts can poke the pain, too

👍 Are you poking the pain of your prospective ‘patients’?

👎 Or are you prescribing prematurely?


I can help you ‘poke the pain’ and become a better ‘doctor’ for your potential ‘patients’.

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  • Darrel Griffin • LinkedIn Business Development Specialist

    I’ve worked in sales and business development roles since leaving school. Having moved to Australia from the UK in 2012, LinkedIn helped me generate over $3.5 million worth of leads for my then employer in under 2 years - without spending a cent on advertising. I became a LinkedIn coach in 2014 and started teaching what I’d learned ‘on the coalface’ to companies and individuals. I was recently named one of the top ranked LinkedIn experts in Asia Pacific region by Social Media Marketing Institute.