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Peer Support

Briefly speaking, our platform has been designed to provide amazing promotional and exposure opportunities for business (including digital media). it will provide access to a range of peer support initiatives at no additional cost, opportunities for businesses to trade with each other.

Stronger member retention

Business Groups collaborating with ERH are likely to have stronger member retention numbers which, in turn, will help them to become even more effective within their local community or industry group.

We consider a Business Group to be any group representative of a collection of individual businesses, whether it be on industry-based or locality -based organisation, exposure is key to growing your numbers and strengthening your group's ability to support your membership base. Relevance and perceived member benefits are critical for retention.

Our platform has a reach throughout the Perth metro area and regional WA, it attracts individual business owners looking for the support and camaraderie that comes from being a part of a communty of like-minded people. Whether they are start-ups, freelancers/sole traders or establised small to medium sized businesses, Engine Room Hub has something for all.

Support for local business

Whilst, we are independent of any organised business groups and/or associations, we are very supportive of the ‘local' or ‘industry' aspect to those concept that is prevalent within the locality-based business associations and we are working collaboratively with several of these organizations to introduce the added value of Engine Room Hub to their already established range of membership benefits.

We also recognise the importance and benefits of membership with industry Associations as members grow professionally, further their education, gain access to important news or developments in their industry and keep up-to-date on best practices in their industry.

We have framed Engine Room Hub to be open to any Business Group and their members recognising their valued connections and retaining their very special relationship to each other. By collaborating with us and listing your organisation on our far-reaching online business community platform, you can promote your business Group to a wide range of potential new members.

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