Like most of us I am also work-playing from home: Supporting business owners, health professional and individuals needing a space to chat, debrief, regroup and prioritise during the Covid-19 challenge: I've actually being doing this Work from Home routine for 20 years. That sense of resilience, of being able to bounce back after, and during set-backs is crucial to feeling good about yourself and to keep hope well afloat. I've had to reinvent myself several times over the years. Relationship breakdowns, health concerns, GFC, pulling up stumps & relocations, business start-ups, employing staff and the steep learning curve that must be maintained to do this well; deaths, and parenting. Resilience and transition is a learnt habit and I understand it well. After speaking with many clients over the last month the following are the aspects that have really worked to keep them emotional buoyant, feeling stable and in control during this current global event.

My tips to keep uplifted and resilient:
  1. Keep away from media – limit yourself to 30 mins/day. Use the Coronavirus Australia Official Government info app. Watch or listen good quality news.
  2. Talk to people who give you happiness
  3. Block people who are over dramatic and catastrophizing, fear mongers.
  4. Get up and keep in a routine: dress like your going to work (at least from the waist up for on-liners) and make an effort. It aids mind association to work mode.
  5. Changing your physiology(movement) changes your State (emotion) and vice versa. Get moving take action.
  6. Practice gratitude (find it in small things).
  7. Make an Action List: Prioritise your actions ‘to do‘. Put it up on a wall so you can see it – make it big, at least A1 in size. If you keep it in your head as a thought or intention that is where it will stay!
  8. Develop Reflective Practice – sit, think and mind-map plans of action on a large piece of paper or a whiteboard. Photograph the mind-map so you have it on your phone to further reflect everyday.
Ask yourself the following:

a) What is in your control?

b) How can you adapt?

c) What is your responsibility?

d) What action can I take?

e) How can I maintain my health?

Taking action when we feel we don't have control allows us take our personal power and choice back. That's exactly what we need to transition through, and be prepared for the next chapter, when Covid-19 is all done and dusted.

When making an action list reflect on giving back. Ask yourself:

🤩 Who can I help during this crisis: family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, community.

🤩 How can I help others?

🤩 What can I help with for others?

Everybody has a skill maybe you're a good communicator, cook, artist, online shopper, driver, gardener, bookkeeper, dog walker, or study buddy.

Ultimately, you must prioritise yourself and family before you can assist others.

I have a small group of friends who have always met for coffee each morning before heading off to our daily work. We've been doing this for about 10 years. so its both a habit and a lets start work ritual. At first, as social distancing prevented us meeting at the ‘local' cafe, one of the group bought the takeaways from the cafe and we sat in my front garden 2-3m apart. Now, we have SOD meetings, with our home made coffee's from the comfort of homes via Zoom, and head off to our respective online practices. I’m not sure who came up with Sisters Of Death meetings but it has stuck and I like the thought of SOD-off coronavirus. I'm grateful big time!

Health is another huge challenge. Keep isolated, stay home and keep washing hands even at home. Health can be many things to many people mental, physical, spiritual and so-forth. Rest is paramount when in crisis and the key piece to wellness, particularly mental health. Watch a tv series that's uplifting or simply give yourself permission to lay and do nothing – breath!

Being in the NOW is the only place to work from. What do you need to take responsibility for right now! It might be ringing the Bank or a utility provider to put those bills on hold, or cleaning the kitchen so your family can eat hygienically. It may be a time to put aside our egos and become vulnerable enough to ask for what you need. It may hurt initially, the relief will be immense once done.

Finally, something I overheard recently which changes mindset…

Are you a glass half-full, or a glass half-empty kind of person?

Remember the glass is refillable, so find what you want to fill it with!

For those who want to connect – creativity therapy and business sessions are now via Zoom or alternative tech. Lost your job, financially in a predicament then talk to me – there is always a way around the mountain and my team and I are here to assist you to bring creativity into your life and live well.

Take care everyone

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