A comprehensive LinkedIn strategy for Small Business Owners, Advisers, Coaches & Consultants

Experts in their respective fields they might be.

But when it comes to positioning and promoting themselves effectively, Small Business Owners, Advisers, Coaches and Consultants rarely have the time (or know-how) to do so effectively.

Particularly on a professional platform like LinkedIn.

Which means they could be missing out on significant opportunities to win more business.

Perhaps you can relate? If so, I believe I can help.

LinkedIn Accelerator is designed to help Small Business Owners, Advisers, Coaches and Consultants ‘accelerate’ their LinkedIn presence and activity.

Delivered in three individual modules – POSITIONING, PROMOTING and PROSPECTING – LinkedIn Accelerator is a step-by-step process that could well prove to be the very LinkedIn strategy you’ve been waiting for.

(For more comprehensive information about LinkedIn Accelerator, please click on the video and PDF links.)


LinkedIn Accelerator PDF

  • Darrel Griffin

    Darrel Griffin - Creator of THE IN CROWD Community | LinkedIn® Specialist Ranked #4 Top LinkedIn® Experts Asia Pacific 2018 - Social Media Marketing Institute With a successful business development background in the UK and Australia, Darrel has helped hundreds of business owners, coaches, consultants and advisers master LinkedIn® as a marketing, networking and business development tool since launching his LinkedIn® consultancy in 2014.