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Knowledge about Aboriginal culture were not written down but were instead passed down through generations by storytelling & practices.  Bush medicines play a vital role in Aboriginal culture and still today is used widely throughout Australia.   Native plants used in our bush medicines are known to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, much of which are found in Western medicine.  Many plants have powerful aromas which aid in the healing process.

About Us

EarthScent & Sandalwood is an Indigenous, Western Australian owned business.  Our aim is to create bush ointments, skincare and well-being products to individuals seeking natural, locally sourced and locally made native healing products.  We use the native plants medicinal and therapeutic powers.  They are then combined with our other natural ingredients to create our healing products.

Our core ingredients are the native flora or bush from Western Australia, our sandalwood is sourced from the Goldfields. 

Western Australia is our home, this is our country.

Our Native WA Bush Ointment Range

  • Sandalwood Healing Balm (50g)


    * Our Sandalwood Ointment helps aid the healing process and open wounds. * Sandalwood is good for sore, aching muscles, and deep tissue injuries. * Our ointment is an excellent moisturiser for dry, tired skin, its also helps to reduce fine lines around the face and body. * The aromatic oils in sandalwood have a beautiful aroma that helps calm and relax your mind and body, and bring a sense of well- being. * The sandalwood ointment can be used daily to heal and protect your skin. * The sandalwood ointment also work well as a natural hair gel to control frizziness away and encourage hair growth.

  • Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree Ointment (50g)


    * our ointment helps treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne. * Reduces inflammation, redness from insect bites and sores. * Natural antiseptic. * Heals cuts & wounds. * beautiful lemon scent

  • Peppermint Eucalyptus Ointment (50g)


    * this ointment helps protect your skin from all weather conditions. * natural deterent from flying and crawling insects. * mild natural sunscreen properties in the infused oils. *decongestant for stuffy noses, coughs and colds * antiseptic for treating sores, burns, rashes, skin blemishes * also blended with this ointment is the super moisturising Lanolin. * the lanolin is a great moisture reservoir for your skin. holding 400 times its weight in water.

  • River Red Gum Ointment (50g)


    This ointment is very effective in treating muscle aches and pains. * it has anti-inflammatory qualities and is good for eliminating bruising due to its cell production qualities. * this ointment has an element of Emu Oil which enhances the absorption penetration through the layers of skin. * excellent decongestant for flus and colds. * great pain relief for arthritis sufferers.

  • Sandalwood & Honey Lip Balm (10g)


    Full of Vitamins E & A The Sandalwood in the balm helps to heal dry, cracked lips. The blended Sandalwood & Honey results in a sweet aroma.

  • Sandalwood & Strawberry Lip Balm (10g)


    Full of Vitamins E & A The Sandalwood in the balm helps to heal dry, cracked lips. The blended Sandalwood & Strawberry results in a sweet aroma.

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The River Red Gum & Emu Oil was amazing my dad healing from a hit & run accident. Before and after photo's only several days apart all bruising and swelling gone just amazing. Thank you the bush medicine's are wonderful and highly recommend them.


  “After getting terribly sunburnt at the beach, my mum made me put on the River Red Gum Ointment with Emu Oil, almost instantly the pain and stinging subsided, after applying every couple of hours the raw reddness faded a bit, it only hurt when I touched it.  A couple of days later I forgot I even got sunburn.”


The first time I used your Sandalwood Ointment was when I had back pains. When I rubbed the ointment on the pain it instantly disappeared. It reminded me of deep heat or dencorub but without the strong smell or the intense heat”


I just loved how the Sandalwood Ointment kept my skin moisturised after having a dermatitis breakout, the ointment helped calm my affected skin right down.  Also fantastic as a lip balm


Bitten by mozzies in the garden and used my wife's peppermint eucalyptus ointment.  The pain and itch disappeared almost immediately, thanks”

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