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My name is Joy Knapp my families country ranges from Esperance all the way around to Albany and inland as far as Gnowangerup.  As Indigenous Australians we grew up knowing the healing qualities of WA's native bush.  Recently having tried to source bush medicine for myself  I came to realise that it is not that easy to find native bush-based products anywhere.

It was then that my partner Darren Indich  and I decided to begin making products using sandalwood, lemon myrtle, tea tree and other native bush plants from Western Australia.  What started as filling a need for ourselves and family quickly turned it into business opportunity.

Having completed a Certificate III in Micro Business Operations, it was the foundation we needed to setting up the business which we now have established as EarthScent & Sandalwood.

My partner Darren comes from Kalgoorlie in the Goldfields of Western Australia but grew up around the suburbs of Fremantle.  We are working side by side to make our business successful and bring our natural bush resources from our different countries in WA, to share the healing powers that our elders have used for hundreds of years.

We are proud to say our business is 100% Indigenous Owned and Operated.

The symbolic meaning of the Aboriginal flag colours (as stated by Harold Thomas) is:

Black – represents the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Yellow circle – represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector.

Red – represents the red earth, the red ochre used in ceremonies and Aboriginal peoples' spiritual relation to the land.

Native WA Bush Flora Used in Our Products



Natural Healing

Our Natural Product Range

One of the many benefits of our native bush medicine/ointment are its bacteria fighting properties.

Our range at a glance

The Importance of the Native Emu to Traditional Practices and Bush Medicine

The history of the Indigenous Australian indicates their use of Emu Oil for over forty thousand years. Only hunted out of necessity, nearly every part of the emu was used for a special purpose. From the consumables like meat and fat, to bones and tendons, which were reserved for making tools, nothing was wasted. The fat from the emu was considered very precious. Once harvested it functioned as a topical medicine mixed with plants and bush to make an ointment.  It also served as dietary fat, lubricant rub to maintain wooden utensils and tools, and as the base for paints used for ceremonial body adornment.   A totem for many tribal groups the emu was held with the highest respect.


Traditionally, Indigenous Australians used the night skies to navigate life on the ground.  At certain times of the year you may be able to see the emu in the sky.  The position in the sky tells us when to collect emu eggs; it's very well known in Indigenous culture all across Australia, knowledge that has been handed down for many generations.

Benefits of Emu Oil for Skin Care

The biggest benefit of emu oil is how it is absorbed into your skin.  Due to having smaller particles, emu oil increases enhancement and carrier capabilities.  It penetrates deeper into your skin and carries other ingredients with it.  Emu oil is a super moisturiser for your face, body and skin.  It helps prevent skin aging and decreases inflammation from skin irrations.  Used in ointments it is great for healing cuts, burns or bruises.  Emu oil helps with hair and nail growth.

The Emu Oil is a valuable addition in the River Red Gum Ointment as it allows the native Red Gum to penetrate and heal aching muscles and joints.  It is known to be a good massage oil in treating arthritis pain.

Emu Oil: Main Components

Oleic Acid (42%)

Oleic Acid is a component of many skin care products which have potent moisturising qualities. It helps your skin stay soft, supple and radiant. Oleic Acid boosts hair growth and makes hair thicker.

Palmitic Acid (21%)

Palmitic acid is a saturated fatty acid commonly found in both animals including emus. and plants. In moisturisers, palmitic acid is a very good emollient.

Linoleic Acids (21%)

Linoleic acid is an essential building block for ceramides, one of skin's main moisturising elements. Our bodies can't make this essential fatty acid, so we need get it from our food or put it on our skin. Linoleic acid helps makes the skin's barrier stronger so it can effectively keep water in and irritants out. Topical use of linoleic acid helps reduce acne breakouts. The essential fatty acid - 'linoleic acid'... is of particular significance to skin health, as it contributes to the formation of ceramides essential for the structure of the epidermal barrier.


Antioxidants are nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and enzymes (proteins inside your body) that can help to prevent and repair damage to your body's tissue. ... When it comes to caring for your skin, antioxidants can help to protect your skin.


Our current product range is:

Sandalwood Ointment

Sandalwood is used for tired, sore, aching muscles or cramping and even muscle spasms. The Sandalwood oil properties in the ointment soothes skin while treating infections such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and cuts and bruising.
When applied to the skin the Sandalwood Ointment protects wounds, sores, boils from developing infections and becoming septic.
The Sandalwood oil can be used for sunburn to relieve pain and in some cases under the arm to reduce odour.
The Sandalwood ointment is also good for reducing the lines of aging as well as using as an all round skincare product.

Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree Ointment

Our Lemon Myrtle & Tea Tree Ointment is recommended for the treatment of skin conditions such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and it improves the overall skin appearance.
The antiseptic properties also help combat oily skin. The Lemon Myrtle contains anti-fungal agents as well.
The anti-inflammatory properties relieve dry, itchy skin by soothing it and helps heal infections. It also helps to reduce redness & swelling.
The antibacterial properties of this ointment make it an effective wound healer by causing the wound to heal faster than conventional treatments and over the counter medicines.
Our ointment can also be put through hair to help the itchiness and dandruff.
The ointment is good for people with sensitive skin and can be used by all ages.
The ointment is dominated by a lovely, fresh lemony scent and is guaranteed to make your skin feel better.

Peppermint Eucalyptus Ointment

Known as the 'outdoor ointment', this ointment helps protect your skin both day and night by forming a protective layer from all weather conditions. It also protects you from the usual flying and crawling insects.
It has mild natural sunscreen properties in the infused oils. The Natural health benefits of the Eucalyptus Peppermint tree are many, The potent oils are extracted from this native tree through the leaves and bark and act as a natural insecticide, deterring mosquitoes, flies and other bugs and pests,
The benefits include:
Anti-inflammatory for stings & allergic reactions
Decongestant for stuffy noses, coughs and colds
Disinfectant for preventing germs, micro-organisms
Antiseptic for treating sores, burns, rashes, skin blemishes
Deodorant - helps suppress sweat glands
Helps improve blood circulation
Treats muscle aches and pains

Also blended with this ointment is the super moisturising Lanolin. The lanolin creates a breathable barrier on your skin which allows the ointment to protect and absorb at the same time. The lanolin is a great moisture reservoir for your skin, holding 400 times its weight in water. This results in beautiful soft skin by moisturising from the outside and moisturising itself from within.
This outdoor ointment is also infused with Sweet Orange & Lavender oils.

River Redgum Ointment

This ointment is very effective in treating muscle aches and pains. It has anti-inflammatory qualities and is good for eliminating bruising due to its cell production qualities.
This ointment has an element of Emu Oil which enhances the absorptionpenetration aspect.


    The River Red Gum & Emu Oil was amazing my dad healing from a hit & run accident. Before and after photo's only several days apart all bruising and swelling gone just amazing. Thank you the bush medicine's are wonderful and highly recommend them.


  “After getting terribly sunburnt at the beach, my mum made me put on the River Red Gum Ointment with Emu Oil, almost instantly the pain and stinging subsided, after applying every couple of hours the raw reddness faded a bit, it only hurt when I touched it.  A couple of days later I forgot I even got sunburn.”


The first time I used your Sandalwood Ointment was when I had back pains. When I rubbed the ointment on the pain it instantly disappeared. It reminded me of deep heat or dencorub but without the strong smell or the intense heat”


I just loved how the Sandalwood Ointment kept my skin moisturised after having a dermatitis breakout, the ointment helped calm my affected skin right down.  Also fantastic as a lip balm


Bitten by mozzies in the garden and used my wife's peppermint eucalyptus ointment.  The pain and itch disappeared almost immediately, thanks”

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