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Try not to miss the first 10-15 mins as this is your chance to hear from and ask questions of our very Special Guest, Graham Harvey, as he  leads our conversation around ‘Playing a Higher Game' .  Always great advice but now very timely advice on how we might need to re-think how we do business in a post-covid world.


What makes the New Zealand All Blacks the most successful professional sports team in the world?

What makes Amazon the most valuable company in the world?


Sure, the All Blacks play a pretty mean game of Rugby, and Amazon has the largest online range of products and most efficient delivery system in the world. But those real-world realities don’t openly reveal what makes them the best in the world.

What makes them the best in the world is an uncompromising culture of excellence underpinned by a clear set of non-negotiable values and behaviours.

The good news is that the respective culture, values, ethics, purpose and principles of the All Blacks, Amazon, and countless other successful business, not-for-profit, and sporting organisations are not a secret … they are available for all to see, understand, and apply to your own business (especially small business), organisation, or team.

So … what is culture? What are values? What is behaviour?

The benefits of developing a high-performance culture of excellence awaits you … it’s simply a matter of knowing what it takes to determine your own set of values and behaviours in order to access those rewards.