They used to be found predominantly on Twitter, but now, hashtags are everywhere on social media! They’re a great tool for following current events, trends and personal interests, BUT there’s a few ‘rules’ you should keep in mind for your next post. It could be a never-ending, and ever-changing list, but to get us started, here’s my top 5:

1. Chill out on the number of hashtags!

You might think, the more the merrier, but on Facebook and Twitter, a maximum of two, or at a stretch, 3 hashtags is socially acceptable. On Instagram, you can get away with a few more and while you’re building your brand this can be a useful strategy to get exposure, however, you’re limited to a maximum of 30 on this platform, which is still A LOT of hashtags!

2. Using banned hashtags on Instagram.

Did you know there were such things as banned hashtags?! #boobies for instance is an obvious one, but less obvious are #boho, and for a while #dogsofinstagram. This is due to the tag getting high-jacked by less savoury posts.

You can check if any of your usual tags are banned, by searching Tags, if you see a message like this one below, remove the offending hashtag from your posts. The banned list does change quite frequently, however, I suspect #boobies will remain on the list forever!

3. Adding hashtags through your text.

Please don’t #put your #hashtags in the #middle of your #sentences. It makes them extremely difficult to read. The last word at the end of a sentence can sometimes work, especially on Twitter, where there’s less characters available.

4. Don’t use spaces or punctuation.

Once you add a space, that’s the end of the hashtag. Simple.

5. Using the same hashtags all the time.

There’s rumours floating around that continuously using a hashtag, such as #simplesmartsocial, in Instagram posts, will result reduce engagement with your posts. The same goes with using hashtags that aren’t related to your post. Use engaging, relevant hashtags, and your social media pages will thank you.

If you’re feeling even more overwhelmed than before you read this post, about your social media plans, let me help you make it easy. The Simple Smart Social, social media packages are made for busy business owners who don’t have the time to do it all!

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    Anita Moss is the founder of Simple Smart Social. She is a Gold Coast based, passionate local business supporter, who loves social media marketing. My goal is to support your business across its social platforms, building a brand and growing your bank balance. Anita is a valued friend of Engine Room Hub and is a regular contributor to our platform.