“AT LAST! Thanks for inviting me to connect. Now pitch to me, please…”

Replied no-one to a LinkedIn connection invitation. Ever.

LinkedIn provides us with an opportunity to showcase our expertise before any talk of transaction.

We can position ourselves for the market we serve, add value through great content, and build rapport with our network by engaging with their content.

But pitching?

Pitching is always premature on a social media platform — yes, even on a business platform like LinkedIn.

Do LinkedIn well and pitching will be unnecessary. That’s been my experience.

How about you, friend?

  • Darrel Griffin • LinkedIn Business Development Specialist

    I’ve worked in sales and business development roles since leaving school. Having moved to Australia from the UK in 2012, LinkedIn helped me generate over $3.5 million worth of leads for my then employer in under 2 years - without spending a cent on advertising. I became a LinkedIn coach in 2014 and started teaching what I’d learned ‘on the coalface’ to companies and individuals. I was recently named one of the top ranked LinkedIn experts in Asia Pacific region by Social Media Marketing Institute.