Recruitment isn’t rocket science – it is simply the art of bringing good people together with good organisations!

In my days of recruiting, the key to doing this successfully was to make sure I knew what I was recruiting for. Working closely with my client to make sure the parameters of the role, the skills set and the performance level expected in that role was critically important. Recruiting to a ‘Job Title’ simply doesn’t cut it and is often the cause of mismatched placements.

Many recruiters don’t take the time to establish all the factors that need to be addressed to before achieving the outcome of a successful placement. You can only gather this critical information by spending time with the potential employer or hiring manager and drilling down into the role, to ascertain where it fits into the organisation, the dynamics of the role, further opportunities within the company and to ask the question “why would a great candidate want this role? “

Very occasionally a potential new client of mine would say “I don’t have the time to go through this process” or “I’m not prepared to do this, I just need to fill the role quickly”. These are the clients I chose not to work with because, as recruiters, we must be able and willing to provide candidates with as much information as possible so that they can make an informed decision. After all, changing careers or employment is a risk in a volatile employment market and can have devastating consequences for both the candidate and the business if it goes wrong.

Long term, successful placements are made when both parties make confident, informed decisions based on an honest representation of the organisation and the role on offer.

This is about recruiting with integrity, there needs to be a true partnering between the recruiter, the hiring manager as well as the potential candidates – based on trust.

See, it really isn’t rocket science!

Author : Angie Mardon – Engine Room Hub