In my previous article, “The Ageing Beauty“, I talked about embracing your beauty no matter what age you are.

To reinforce that idea with my “Baby Boomers & Beyond” women, I say to them;  “Hitting menopause and advancing past it doesn’t mean you have to surrender your desire to be alluring or sexy, especially feeling attractive for yourself or even your significant other.   There is no age barrier to looking and feeling fabulous.  It’s all a state of mind.

We live in a visual world where appearance is deemed important, so it’s perfectly natural for a woman, who is in full bloom, to assume she’s somewhat at a disadvantage when compared to a younger woman.  Particularly, when the benchmark is ‘beauty’ and the expectations around it.   What I say to this is;  “There is no better time and there is no excuse for older women to be leading the charge as beauty warriors.”

I believe it’s important to put a stop to older women thinking they ought to “Grey Out” of society and surrender themselves to being invisible to those around them.  They should no longer consider themselves as not being beautiful and no longer worthy to hold space at the table with other women who may be younger.  This belief is not healthy nor is it true.


This ‘belief’ is a type of acceptance, often a product of conditioning that women face throughout life – so it is no wonder that many older women succumb to this state.  It is not the younger generation that insists we acquiesce, but it is our own form of self-sabotage.

Wisdom often comes with age and by encouraging older women to celebrate who they are now and what they’ve achieved is an important step in self-love.   With this kind of  discovery it allows women to have a clearer, more definitive sense of self and will liberate them from the constraints of outside influences which tend to distort, or even fog up the lens on how they view themselves.

Giving women the freedom to control the narrative of their story and how the world sees them is truly a powerful gift.  So, I guess this brings me to the concept of looking good will lead to feeling confident and a sense of self-empowerment.  I encourage you to explore this idea with me

1 Look Good Feel Better

First impressions are often lasting, so it’s important to care how you present yourself.  It’s just as much about self-respect and looking like you made an effort.  That’s why choosing what you wear and how you style your makeup and hair can be a powerful form of expression, giving an added boost to your spirits and assist with the way others perceive you.

When you hit the right balance between what’s fashionable with maximising a look suited to you, then you’ll be kicking goals with positive results.

2 Look Good Feel More Attractive

Contrast of facial features lessen as we age, so that’s why older faces benefit from added colour to give vitality and definition.   When makeup is applied correctly it can make you look terrific.  However, what worked for you in your twenties, thirties and even in your forties will not necessarily work for you now.

It’s important to not fall victim to current makeup trends such as thick eyebrows, heavy contouring, volumised eyelashes and winged eyeliner.  Remember, less is more.  Keep your look fresh and youthful using subtle colours with clever makeup techniques.

3. Look Good Improve Your Day

When you make an effort with your appearance in dressing well and “putting on a face” using makeup, it helps change your perception on how you govern your day.    More often than not you’re likely to manage the good, the bad and the ugly far easier when you’re feeling and looking your best.


So, I hope this helps many, if not all, you ‘Beauty Warriors‘ out there to remember you're worthy to glitter brightly like the diamond you really are.

  • All About You Makeup

    Vanessa Busby is a makeup artist with over 20 years of experience, graduating from The Australian Colleague of Beauty Therapy with High Distinction. Being a woman in her 40’s, she loves working with those who are of a similar age and above. Her mission is to help women embrace their beauty and redefine their expectations on what it is to be beautiful, at any age. Whether she is 'work-shopping' with you or spending time in creating a particular look for your special occasion, a critical component is that she makes it a fun and relaxing experience.