The first dirty truth is that “it” as in SEO is not a one day hit / one day wonder that you wave a magic wand to achieve outstanding overnight results.

SEO takes time and patience and it’s like a beautiful puzzle – you need all the pieces of the puzzle not just one piece ok – gather all the brilliant pieces first then make sure they are placed / as in executed exactly the way they are meant to see the end result .

Second dirty truth : If someone promises you fast as in mega fast results – RUN like Sprint from them as fast as you can. Bad SEO practices can actually hurt your business website more than you realise and it’s not worth going down that rabbit hole.

Third dirty truth : while back links are good bad back links and Irrelevant back links is like a disaster zone filled that shall and will explode badly for your site so if you get someone doing SEO on the dirt cheap for you be a bit wary and check what they are doing – or better still don’t waste your money !

You know the saying you get what you pay for at the end of the day and if your SEO is being done by third, fourth or fifth parties in Timbukto then sister / bro you might be in for some sad shit that ain’t worth your money or time . Do yourself a favour and a get your local SEO Aussie expert to help instead who can promise it’s done in-house like we do . Yes it’s actually a smart move .

And a bonus fourth Dirty Truth : If your site is in WordPress then you have a better chance in life when it comes to SEO – there is no denying that and the sooner you accept this dirty truth the sooner you will start saving money.

So now that you know some of the hot dirty truths about SEO and feel you might want to hire the local SEO experts who love supporting Micro businesses, startups and small businesses, understand your passion and are famous about being ethical and just as passionate as you are about your business then give us a holler so we can help your business shine online  with some good wholesome, homegrown SEO.

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    Andie Noon experience has been with fashion illustration, graphic design, social media and sales management. She majored in marketing, print and video production at University and has always been involved with the sales strategies at the businesses she has worked for. Andie now runs Scruffy Dog Studio along with her partner Phil and their bonus partner Lexie. Andie is a friend of Engine Room Hub and is a regular contributor to our platform.