It is not unusual for a small business owner to ‘fall’ into his or her business by accident.

Sometimes it is from a strong desire to call the shots, to follow your passion, find work/financial freedom or, if you have ever been laid off, perhaps job security is what drives you.

But very often it is by happenstance that a business opportunity comes your way and you grab it.

There is nothing unique about being a business owner these days, last count there are 212,000 small to medium-sized enterprises in WA.  But each one of us has something ‘unique’ inside of us that drives us to push through the obstacles to growing a successful business.  Oh! and a little bit of ‘crazy’ seems to be part of the mix.

But, the truth is many of us end up running businesses that are a million miles away from what we have done in previous years, many of our businesses are a natural progression from our previous years.

This month’s ‘Inside the Hub' panel members are running  businesses in the fields of HR/Business Consultancy, Professional Story-telling/Content Writing and the fascinating world of Headshot Photography.  Their collective backgrounds cover a laundry list of previous work experiences that have equipped them with an amazing set of life skills to become masters of their own destiny.

Jewellery salesperson Used car salesperson Grape picker
Baker/pastrycook Accountant Kiln Attendant
Professional opera singer Nurse Teacher
Manufacturer Professional basketball player Pharmaceutical Distributor

Can you match these backgrounds with our Panel Members?  Come along to our next ‘Inside the Hub' event to see if you have got it right.



It is important to know what your story is and a great way to learn that is by hearing other entrepreneurial stories, to learn what you have in common, to learn how their previous experiences have helped shape their success and to learn how their success has been achieved.

Members are loving our monthly events  “What does entrepreneurship really look like”.  Our last event for this year will be at the held on Wednesday 28 November,  and we look forward to running them each month during 2019 with a wide range of fabulous panelists willing to bear their soul as they share with us their stories of success.

Remembering that, although as individuals we are unique, there are many common threads that make up a true entrepreneur who has a willingness to work hard and take risks, a vision for the future and a commitment to deliver for their customers.

Author : Angie Mardon, Engine Room Hub