If you’re running a business that sells products or services, you’ve already got a ‘sales funnel’ in place. It could look like:

  • attending networking events, handing out business cards, stalking people on social media, responding to recommendation requests on Facebook, advertising on buses, magazines or socials,
  • to then get people on a sales call,
  • to then book a meeting,
  • sending a proposal,
  • following up 15 times,
  • signing a contract.

This is a ‘funnel’ in that you start with a LARGE audience and move them through a PROCESS, that results in a SMALLER, more TARGETED AUDIENCE, then resulting in finding your CUSTOMER.

It’s quite possible you haven’t actually sat down and considered what your sales funnel looks like, but in order to go from ‘everyone’ to ‘someone’ you’ve got the start of a funnel.

When you start really looking at this process, you’ll identify activities that aren’t worth spending the time or money on, and other activities that are perhaps distracting the ideal customer from purchasing your solution.

In digital marketing, this is where a ‘sales funnel’ comes in, often using a landing page (simple website without lots of links to various pages, like about, FAQ etc. which can be a distraction from the desired result), using a product, such as ClickFunnels to build out this resource.

In this scenario, you drive traffic, often using Facebook ads, through to the landing page, which is straightforward in relation to delivering what the ‘offer’ is, then potentially upselling to an additional program, service or product, or even down-selling, where someone may have said ‘no’ to your offer, so you share with them a lower-cost option, for example.

Using a system like this really helps to:

– Define your audience
– Define your offer
– Define your value and pricepoint
– Sell to people who care about what you’re offering

Send me a message anita@simplesmartsocial.com.au and we can talk about what this might look like for you!

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    Anita Moss is the founder of Simple Smart Social. She is a Gold Coast based, passionate local business supporter, who loves social media marketing. My goal is to support your business across its social platforms, building a brand and growing your bank balance. Anita is a valued friend of Engine Room Hub and is a regular contributor to our platform.