When I first started ‘working from home' about 7 years ago,  I thought I would be really focused on my work.  Sure enough I was – for about a nano-second.  Until I became distracted and quite often found myself in my laundry or emptying the dishwasher and wondering how the hell I got there when I was supposed to be working!

I should have known really because office ‘casual Fridays‘ for me were a disaster.  Whenever I tried wearing jeans and flat shoes to the office it literally stopped my brain from working as it should.  For years I was the only one turning up for work in my suit and heels but my workmates got it.  They knew that I may as well have stayed home than to try to go casual – certainly staying home might have got more work done.

Thank goodness those days are over,in more ways than one, but I did put a little bit of info together called 8 Tips on Working from Home.  This might just help those who have recently been ‘forced' to work from home at this time of chaos.

CLICK HERE to download your copy of 8 Tips on Working from Home

Always looking for the bright side!  I live in an apartment so my commute to work is almost instantaneous – not even the ‘one-minute commute‘ we hear about – but a ‘30 second commute'.  Not to mention the saving in petrol.

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