If you’re struggling to attract enough new clients – but your LinkedIn profile and content is focused entirely on you and your business – there’s going to be a disconnect between you and the market you’re seeking to serve.

Why is that?

Because those new clients you’re struggling so hard to attract are only interested in THEIR pain and their THEIR problems.

Just talking about yourself, your successes, your passion, your dreams and aspirations – that just ain’t going to cut it.

If anything, just talking about yourself will completely turn off potential customers and burn the bridge before it’s even built.

My advice? (Well, you’ve read this far…!)

Make your prospective customer – THEIR pain and their THEIR problems – the main feature of your LinkedIn profile and content strategy. Then speak about yourself – how YOU and YOUR business can resolve their pain and their problems – in this context.

You won’t go very far wrong if you do.

(And if you need some help with that, just give me a shout.)

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  • Darrel Griffin • LinkedIn Business Development Specialist

    I’ve worked in sales and business development roles since leaving school. Having moved to Australia from the UK in 2012, LinkedIn helped me generate over $3.5 million worth of leads for my then employer in under 2 years - without spending a cent on advertising. I became a LinkedIn coach in 2014 and started teaching what I’d learned ‘on the coalface’ to companies and individuals. I was recently named one of the top ranked LinkedIn experts in Asia Pacific region by Social Media Marketing Institute.