Some of us start a business to build on a hobby, follow our passion or to grow our ‘Big Idea' into a living, breathing entity – to give it life and give ourselves an income!.

For some, particularly the more mature amongst us, finding employment in their field often proves difficult so it makes sense to package your skill-set and take yourself out to the marketplace, be your own boss and get the rewards your hard work deserves.

There is no doubt, being a ‘first-time entrepreneur' can be daunting but being your ‘OWN BOSS‘ and getting to choose WHO you do business with is awesome.  Yet it is critical that, along the journey, you learn how to reap the rewards your hard work deserves.  This is what will make your business sustainable for the long term!

For those of you thinking about starting a business or those who are already on the journey, I hope you find this ‘Small Business ToolKit‘ useful.  It has been designed to offer tips and tools to help you succeed.


Click on this image to download “So Let's Get Started” –  part 1 of our FREE 48 x page Small Business ToolKit covering getting started, marketing & branding for your business, knowing & managing your numbers and setting up your business for the long term.



The advice contained in this ToolKit has been compiled by Angie Mardon, Founder of Engine Room Hub along with certain ‘specific‘ advice that has been provided by our Members, experts in their field and who have walked in the footsteps of the ‘first-time entrepreneur‘ themselves.  All our member-contributors are keen to provide assistance to anyone thinking of starting a business as well as those who are looking to grow their existing businesses.  Engine Room Hub members can access a FREE 30-min consultation from Angie Mardon or any of our Small Business ToolKit contributors.  So don't be shy give us a call and get some expert advice.


Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.

Unsuccessful people are always asking “What's in it for me?”

Brian Tracey

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You will then be able to download our FREE and complete Small Business ToolKit (e-Book) along with our BONUS 8 Tips for Working From Home.
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    Angie Mardon is the founder of Engine Room Hub and a serial entrepreneur. She is a long-time champion for the vital SME community and entrepreneurs who keep our economy vibrant. Though not officially a business coach she regularly shares her know-how and expertise by mentoring business owners and helping them get started in business.